Remembering You

November 27, 2012

Remembering You

I can’t believe it has been two years since that terrible day in November,
There has been a lot of pain and many tears for that beautiful girl we remember.
The pain will always be there, time will not heal.
For those who love and miss her, they will always feel.

Terrible things are happening each and every day,
It causes much pain, but there is nothing we can say.
It is hard to keep believing in a world that is so wrong,
So we have to learn life’s story just to stay strong.

Something is wrong with the world today, something very bad.
We can no longer trust our neighbors and that is really sad.
Life’s story is upon us, we must show we care.
We must get involved and show we are aware.

The legacy you leave behind is one we all can do.
To treat others better, the way we learned from you.
Dignity, compassion and respect, is all the world really needs.
To treat others in this way and our world will succeed.

~ Bruce Leslie

November 26/2012