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 “In loving memory of LOREN DONN LESLIE” Suncatcher Geo-Coin

GRIP FAST – A Travelling Tribute to LOREN DONN LESLIE




… and this is her story077


I may be quiet but I listen very loud…
As many people know I am a quiet person.
Not many people know me very well.
A couple of reasons for this are:
I don’t need to hear my voice to know
I’m alive. I feel and breathe thus
I know I’m around.


Another reason is I don’t need to monopolize conversations to get attention, or interrupt people all the time to be the center of attention. I know who I am, what I need and how to get it. I don’t need to hurt others to build myself up. But I do hear well. I hear others cutting “friends” of theirs apart, saying unkind things to make themselves feel better. I feel peoples’ feeling being hurt by those ignoring them. I hear when no-one speaks to me because I choose to be more considerate of others, and not follow the crowd. I hear tears on peoples’ faces, because they aren’t accepted by some because they don’t have the right look, the right clothes, or they aren’t cool enough to be popular. I hear the loneliness of the people sitting in folding chairs at dances because they’re not loud enough to be heard, But I hear them…

She is missed…


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Missed by Many


You have touched the lives of many, and will continue to do so for the rest of time. With the instinctive understanding of mutual respect, karma, and the philosophy of many great ancients that what goes around, comes around, you have influenced more people than you could ever imagine. You put a smile on the face of everyone you interacted with directly in your lifetime, and through a cascading effect, that respect, happiness, and charm was implicitly transmitted to everyone those individuals interacted with thereafter. The chain reaction you have created will affect thousands upon thousands of people over time.


Through this, as well as the memories of experiences and adventures people in your life will have of you, those people, and all the others indirectly affected by your nature, will be given some hope that they will be able to cope with life in the world today, as it does not have to be a burden. You showed a great appreciation for life that unfortunately not a lot of people can share. That life is not all about money and clothes, the number of friends you have on facebook, or the need for belonging to any particular clique or subculture. We are all human, one community, and the respect one gives is the respect one will receive. You have shown an understanding of these things, and an appreciation for life that is pure and complete. This is one of your best qualities, and I emphasize it now as it is one which will have the greatest impact on many lives to come.

You and I have shared many great experiences. I remember when we were both youngins, running around Grandma’s yard or Sunset Beach — the tree fort, the lake, the boats, the bonfires. It was not until Summer 2010 that we really got to know each other on an intellectual basis. We became friends. We trusted each other with secrets and we shared many stories. We appreciated similar music, jokes, and oddities in life, like the shapes of clouds or mountains in the distance. We shared a passion for swimming and laughing, and for adventure. One adventure in particular in Summer 2010 that will remain in my memory as long as my memory exists is the time you ventured to Prince George with me and we went on a 3 hour river float with Bryan, Keisan, Dillon, and a whole bunch of other people sharing the beautiful sun and weather. We had no tubes so we went to Canadian Tire and you impressed us with your knowledge of where we could find the tubes in the huge department store. I got an orca whale for you, and it turned out to be one of the most difficult creatures possible one could float down a river on. You were strong and you stuck it out the whole trip. That alone was impressive, and the fact that your smile after we hit the shore at the bridge went from one ear to the other proved that your love and appreciation of life and adventure was unlike that of many others. I admire that.

Loren, the society we live in is far from perfect, but you got the most out of life by appreciating the small things, and being there for friends and family. You will be remembered for all of time, as you have touched the hearts of many. I want to thank you for being who you were, and who you are now. You are in a better place now, and I know that you will continue to look after your friends and family, and anyone who follows in the good will that you have expressed in your lifetime.

God bless you, Loren.

Love, your cousin, Aaron December 30/2010


I was friends with your daughter loren. she helped me through a lot and i never even had the honor of meeting her in person. i live in the states. you and your family have my prayers. and know that loren won’t be forgot she was loved very much so by me. i may not have met her in person but i was closer to her then any of my friends. i almost killed myself once and she kept me from doing so. i owe my life to her. i thought i should message you and tell you how much she meant to me. sorry if i bothered you. you’ll forever be in my prayers as will the rest of your family.

Loki Danny Rulo November 30/2010


Remembering You

I can’t believe it has been two years since that terrible day in November,
There has been a lot of pain and many tears for that beautiful girl we remember.
The pain will always be there, time will not heal.
For those who love and miss her, they will always feel.


Terrible things are happening each and every day, It causes much pain, but there is nothing we can say. It is hard to keep believing in a world that is so wrong, So we have to learn life’s story just to stay strong.

Something is wrong with the world today, something very bad. We can no longer trust our neighbors and that is really sad. Life’s story is upon us, we must show we care. We must get involved and show we are aware.

The legacy you leave behind is one we all can do. To treat others better, the way we learned from you. Dignity, compassion and respect, is all the world really needs. To treat others in this way and our world will succeed.

~ Bruce Leslie

November 26/2012