Projects & Goals

Our Current Projects:

-Scholarships / Bursaries
-Collective Awareness Walks
-Funded Safe Home Web Site
-Public Speaking on Safety
-Thought Benches

Ongoing / Future Projects:

-Teen Support & Empowerment Workshops
-Peer to Peer Mentoring Programs
-Scholarships / Bursaries
-Safety Awareness Presentations
-Collective Awareness Walks
-Youth Empowerment through Arts/Sports


One of the main goals and primary purpose of The Loren Donn Leslie Foundation is to help anyone and everyone to be more aware of, first of all, themselves, their immediate surroundings, and of others. To be aware of yourself you don’t just have to be self -aware but physically aware as well.

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Suicide: Who’s Talking?

Is suicide one of those taboo words to say aloud? Some words lead to an immediate stigma. Depression, mental illness, psychosis, suicidal, or whatever word or whatever the feeling is used to describe the hopelessness that can envelope a person, and can be more detrimental that the condition itself.

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The Power of Hate

Most people when asked what the most powerful word in their language is would answer Love. The majority of people would be comfortable with that, but in fact the word Hate is far more powerful. Just by using the word can make us haters.