About Us

Our Vision

The Loren Donn Leslie Foundation is the voice of Loren. Loren had a purpose in her young life. She made a difference in the lives of many through her kindness & empathetic support. In Loren’s name we plan on continuing what she started – supporting & empowering youth.

To Honour & Continue the Intention of Loren: Treating Others with Dignity, Compassion & Respect. That is the mission statement for her foundation; and not coincidentally, that was the foundation for her mission.

Grip Fast

Loren Donn Leslie Foundation, The Beginning

The Intention of the LDLF is to empower youth through programs that inspire positive growth and change– creating the Leaders of our Future.

To be aware of those around us and to treat others with dignity, compassion and respect, how hard it that? We keep telling ourselves that we know what is going on around us, we know how to treat others and we know how we want to be treated, but guess what; we are not doing the job we think we were.

Loren Donn Leslie was a 15 year old girl from Northern British Columbia, whom not only was aware of the sentiments of dignity, compassion and respect; but also lived as best she could to those qualities. Loren was legally blind and was very self aware. She, as many do, had a tough time with many things in life but she always pressed on and kept an upbeat attitude. There were many times that she was down and instead of indulging in that feeling of hopelessness, she looked to help others who, perhaps, were more down than she. Loren was a person who did not judge, perhaps that was a fault, but she let individuals express themselves as who they were.

Loren would spend many hours, of many nights, online helping others. How she became a magnet for troubled souls is mystifying, but she was. There were many days when asked “what’s wrong?” she would reply, “oh nothing”, but what was really wrong, was that she was concerned about someone else and their lives. Loren lived in a life of inclusion, that is to say she lived a life of inclusion. When she was shunned, bullied, ignored, or just not included she did not worry “why me”, instead she did her best to recognize what was unique in others and to go out of her way to include them in life.

I may be quiet but I listen very loud… this is what Loren Donn Leslie believed.

This poem is from an anonymous author but applies in so many situations when talking about or remembering Loren. We have used

this poem on T-shirts to promote not only the LDLF, but also the meaning of the poem itself.

I may be quiet but I listen very loud…
As many people know I am a quiet person. Not many people know me very well.
A couple of reasons for this are: I don’t need to hear my voice to know I’m alive.
I feel and breathe thus I know I’m around.
Another reason is I don’t need to monopolize conversations to get attention, or interrupt people all the time to be the center of attention.
I know who I am, what I need and how to get it.

I don’t need to hurt others to build myself up.
But I do hear well.
I hear others cutting “friends” of theirs apart, saying unkind things to make themselves feel better.
I feel peoples’ feeling being hurt by those ignoring them.
I hear when no-one speaks to me because I choose to be more considerate of others, and not follow the crowd.
I hear tears on peoples’ faces, because they aren’t accepted by some because they don’t have the right look, the right clothes, or they aren’t cool enough to be popular.
I hear the loneliness of the people sitting in folding chairs at dances because they’re not loud.
But I hear them.                                                                                                       -Anonymous


So when you see the person next to you, or across the room or on the bus, take the time to notice who they are. Once you see who that person is, you will start to see what is around you and be able to lead by example and by voice.

Bruce Leslie
November 30, 2011


Our Mission Statement

To spread the word of Loren: to be aware of those around us and to treat others with dignity, compassion and respect.

gripfastMotto of the Leslie Clan

Our Goals

1) To go to schools, community groups and Government to speak the message that Loren lived; to promote and advance the education and awareness of Canadian children, particularly teenagers, about personal safety and the risk of violence behavior and to develop.

2) To disseminate personal safety information targeted at teenagers through presentations at schools, church groups and other assemblies where Societys personal safety information can be presented. All educational activities of the Society shall be designed and presented to reflect full and fair presentation of the facts.
Loren and Megan

3) To strive to be present, in some way, in the lives of those around us. We will speak and be present at every opportunity to convey the message that represents what Loren would have been about, awareness of those around you.

4) To provide scholarships, bursaries and prizes to students for scholastic activities, especially to students who demonstrate, share and promote activities and behavior which encourages personal safety. concerning personal safety and risk of violence behavior.

5) To set up memory benches in Lorens name, to go to different schools and perhaps expanding that in time.


A Message From the Foundation President

dougWelcome to our site dedicated to The Loren Donn Leslie Foundation.

I am Doug Leslie, Lorens father, and I have a message to share, Lorens message.  To be aware of those around us and to treat others with dignity, compassion and respect. It is a simple and honest message that sometimes doesn’t come easily to many.

The task of the Foundation is to carry that message to as many as we can. To share with youth the importance in taking life’s lessons seriously.

We can make a difference.

Loren, as those of you who knew her, and those of you who knew of her, was an exceptional young girl, she made no judgment on anyone, she asked nothing of anyone, and she treated everyone with respect no matter who they were. That was Lorens message. Loren was very visually impaired, but never complained about it, in fact if you didn’t know her you may have never known that she had a visual problem, she coped very well. Loren was a quiet girl, but she listened very loud, as she stated in her diary.  Loren reached out to help anyone that needed help, she asked nothing in return.

She was and is an angel. Loren was taken from us, tragically, November 27 2010. Loren was just 15 yrs old and like all of you, she had so much to offer and live for.

We are all guilty of having lack of concern or no concern, for each other. I myself couldnt comprehend such a thing happening to me… But it did! It is an atrocity that no one should ever have to face, it is unimaginable, heart breaking, and unacceptable, so we do what we can.

So please, take the time in your day, in your life to do the right thing. Go out of your way to help those who need help, encourage those who need encouragement, and think of others before ourselves.

Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best in whatever path in life you choose.
Doug Leslie